14 RC / EU039

Chausey Isl.

Par 14 RC 001 , 14 RC 002 , 14 RC 007 , 14 RC 025 , 14 RC 053 , 14 RC 092 , 14 RC 362

Les 14-15-16/04/01

Conditions de trafic:

TRX: Yaesu FT990 et Kenwood TS50

Ampli: KLV1000 300W

Antenne: Antron 99


Active from 14/04 to 16/04/01 by
14RC001 Stéphane
14RC002 Carine
14RC007 Vincent
14RC025 Richard
14RC053 Johan
14RC092 Pat
14RC362 Jean-Pierre

Working Conditions (for MA004 Grande Isl) :

    Transceiver: Yaesu FT990
    Power: Ampli KLV1000 300W
    Antenna: Antron 99

We was also active 2 time during few hours from Genetée Isl (MA105) but with a very bad weather and a poor propagation.

Working Conditions (for MA105 Genetée Isl) :

    Transceiver: Alinco DX70 or Kenwood TS50
    Power: from 100W to 10W depend of the battery !!
    Antenna: Dipole 11M


DIFM Islands of EU039 Group
MA004 Ile grande
MA030 Ile Grand Romont
MA031 Ile Longue
MA032 Ile Huguenans
MA039 Ile le Chapeau
MA042 Ile aux Oiseaux
MA103 Ile de la Meule
MA104 Ile de la Houlée
MA105 Ile de la Genetée
MA106 Ile du petit Romont
MA107 Ile Plate
MA108 Ile des trois Ilets
MA109 Iles Aneret et Ancre
MA110 Ile le Loup
MA111 Ile le Lezard

QSL Manager

18500 FOECY