14 RC 007 op: VINCENT

Poitou-Charentes Coordinator


I have 26 years old and I live in Charente Maritime (17)(See satelitte photo), one of the four départments of Poitou-Charentes région.

I start DX in 1994. Now I have 240 countries contacted with 228 confirmed. Between 1994 to 1998, I confirm all my contacts(90 countries) with only a 5/8 vertical SIGMA MANTOVA 8(this antenna work perfectly). But in 1998 I buy a directional antenna(4 elements Yagi). The main problem of my station is the altitude: +10 meters. So the horizontal antenna are about 20 meters. And by the side of my home, the altitude is about +70 +80 meters, So you can imagine that my position isn't the best for radio. The best thing: all the electrical network is underground near my home and I live in campaign, so there isn't any industrials interferences.

Materials for transmission 11 meters

Tranceiver Yaesu FT897
Amplificator 150W HF RM-500
Power supply 40 AMP from FRANCE TELECOM
Horizontale antenna 4elts SIRIO SY4


I'm member of Romeo Charlie group since january 1996 with the unit 007. I'm coordinator of the Poitou-Charentes région since may 1996. With this call, I made many interesting contacts. En 1997, I organise and participe to two IOTA activities in Charente-Maritime islands: 14RC/AI for Aix island and 14RC/MI for Madame island. In 1998, I organise and participe to the expedition in Jersey island:167RC/0. In 1999, I organise and participe to IOTA activities: 14RC/AT022 Ré island, 14RC/AT025 Oléron island, and with Eric (14RC018) 14RC/EU159 Banc d'Arguin island and 14RC/AT123 Nole island. And with Stéphane (14RC001), Eric(018), Jean-Claude(526), Nicolas(461) and Michel(294) a new-one on 11M: 14RC/AT028 Oiseaux island. In 2000 i make two activations: 107RC/DX from Monaco, only with mobiles stations, and 19RC/EU146 Goeree and Schouwen islands with Yohan 14RC053. In 2001, i was active from Chausey islands with the callsign 14RC/EU039 and also active from another new-one, Genetée island with Johan (14RC053), 14RC/MA105. In 2002, only one expedition, but from an african most-wanted: 170RC/0 during a nice 10 days trip in the country. In june 2003, during my hollidays in indian ocean, i make two activities with DX group: 168DX/1 Mauritius Isl. and 257DX/1 Rodrigues Isl.

Also, I'm a member of Mike Bravo group with the call 14 MB 007. But in 1999 the MB group join the DR group and all MB become DR. So I decide to become 14 DR 077 for 1999.

In 1999 I join the Echo Uniform group with the call 14 EU 107. It's a italian group with a very good radio spirit and also good opérators!!

Since november 2001, i'm a member of the new Delta Xray Radio Club with 14 DX 007 as callsign. This groupe take the lead and is totally devoted to the 11M DX community. Respect and courtesy are both main guidelines and every member can take part to built this nice group.

Also, I'm a member of Whisky Delta group, a italian group but now I don't transmitting with this call, because of some ideas problems with the HQ. In the past I was a member of OWL english group (14OWL031), Alfa Charlie french group(14AC217), United World italian group(14UW107), MLA french group (14MLA307) and BRC Belgian Group (14BRC017) until 2000. My first group was the french group Charlie Mike (14CM07) who is a departemental group(60 countries with this call).



Link to web pages for 14 EU 107
Link to web pages for 14 DX 007
Link to QSL of my olds calls (14 MB 007 , 14 WD 007 , 14 MLA 307 , 14 AC 217 , 14 UW 107 )

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